What software is installed on my machine?

As part of our service delivery, we install certain software on your machine.

Currently, this includes:

- NinjaRMM Agent. Our remote support tool, which monitors your machine as well as applying security and performance baselines. FYI, this gives us access to all files on your device, as well as the ability to control all aspects of your operating system. This system is highly secure - with great power comes great responsibility. We will not mess with your data.

- Splashtop Remote Control. Our remote-control software, which provides remote control of your machine if you require support or configuration that can't be done in the background. This is also the tool end-users use to remote into machines via the NinjaRMM secure portal.

- Bitdefender Security. Our chosen antivirus and security suite.

- Acronis Cyber Protect agent. This software does several things, the primary of which are for BACKUP and SECURITY. It also provides backup remote control and monitoring if NinjaRMM is taken offline.